Friday, April 20th

20:30 Milonga Bienvenida - Dialogue Social Bar, Str. Hristo Botev 1 (Piata Rosetti)

Saturday, April 21st

14.00 - 16.00

WS1 - TANGO. Tango Posture: finding your own centre, feeling your own body; weight distribution, balance, movement and comfort; the effect of posture on movement; key elements about monitoring your posture during the dance.

16.30 - 18.00

WS2 - VALS. Expand Your Vals: essential concepts in tango-vals; music and flow of movement; accent, acceleration, pause; fundamentals for vals and ideas for development and improvisation when dancing tango-vals.

21.00 Gran Milonga con Pablo Veron y Cecilia Capello - Clubul Taranului Român

Sunday, April 22nd

14.00 - 16.00

WS3 - TANGO. Tango Embrace: the embrace, comfort and flexibility; the sides of the embrace; contact and freedom inside the embrace; important positions inside the couple; creative ways to adapt the embrace to make it fully functional.

16.30 - 18.00

WS4 - MILONGA. Multiply your Milonga: essential elements for milonga; music, beat and rhythm; movement and games during milonga; fundamentals for milonga and ideas for development and improvisation.

20.00 Milonga a los AMIGOS - Restaurant Garibaldi, Str. Olimpului 24

Monday, April 23rd

20.00 - 22.00

WT - Women's Technique - Structure and perception. Conciencia corporal, funcionalidad de la postura, estabilidad dinámica. Elegancia y calidad.